Saturday, October 17, 2009

W.I.T.C.H. Lottery ~10-17-09~

Credits for this image go to Asa at Witch News!

Hello, and welcome to this Saturday's edition of...W.I.T.C.H. Lottery, here at...W.I.T.C.H. Fans Unite! Hope you all win!

Winners from Last Week:

1) No harrassing, embarrassing, or fighting with the winners.
2) Don't give a stupid answer.
3) Remember, it's JUST a game!!
4) Have fun!

Prizes(Let me know the prize you want AND YOUR EMAIL!):
~An Avatar
~A Signature
~Drawing of Anything WITCH
~A Teach 2b Witch preview pic
~An Award

Here's your question(since no one answered last week,it's the same):
In which Issue does Taranee reveal to Peter she loves Luke?

Have fun guessing & tune into next week's edition of W.I.T.C.H. Lottery next Saturday!!


Clarissa said...

Now i'm trying to remember, I know that Taranee and Peter have an arguement about this because she's saying that she doesn't feel the same way about Nigel anymore and Peter gets annoyed, it's around in the 50's, is it Issue 54?

Jodie said...

what is Asa's blog called?

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

Jodie: The name of her blog is Witch News. Do you want the link>
@Clarissa: Sorry, I'm not sure. His scans of the issue are down, but I could still try and see. I'll let you know.

Jodie said...

Yes i would like the link please :p
thanks :D

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

@Jodie: :P

Ok, here it is:

Jodie said...

What language is Asas blog in? i cant read it. lol

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...
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*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

@Jodie: It's Polish.

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

@Clarissa,I need your email.