Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day To Remember -September 11th, 2001-

Eight years ago, on September 11th, 2001, a horrific tragedy happened in Manhattan, New York City. I am not saying all this to affect, sadden or offend anyone, and I completely understand how you feel about all of this, because I was at home with my mother watching it when it happened. I may have only been 4 years old at the time, but I do remember. I might not have understood much of what happened that day, but I do now.
That morning, I was at my house with my mother and my brother, when my mother got a call from my father, who told her these exact words : "Turn on the TV, right now." My mother did as he said, wondering what he was talking about. And when she did turn it on, to the news, the first thing she saw was one of the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center, with heavy smoke coming out at the top. My father told her that a plane had crashed into the tower.
My mother and most people thought it was only an accident. It wasn't until the second plane hit the second tower, that everyone realized we were being attacked, by terrorists. As my mother saw this, she thought, This HAS to be on purpose. It can't be real... There were people who were trapped, and some were so desperate to get out, they began jumping out the windows. When they hit the ground, you could actually hear the thud. These terrorists didn't care about others' lives, even their own.
When the Twin Towers finally fell, my mother sobbed like she never had before. She was beyond worried for my father and her sister. They had shut down all the subways and ways of transportation. How would my father get home?
I thank God that my father made it home that night. He had walked all the way from his job, he walked over the 59th Street bridge. He arrived at 7:00pm that night. When he walked in, my mother jumped into his arms and sobbed like crazy into his shoulder. She was so glad he was safe, and she found out her sister had got home safely too. She thanked God for keeping us safe.
I wish many others had made it home safely, but many people lost their mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandchildren, cousins, etc. People lost their loved ones, people that they loved, cared, and adored. They perished when the towers fell. Even the buildings in the WTC near the Twin Towers fell, killing even more people. And, what about the people actually on the planes. Imagine what it's like, to know that you're going to DIE. They knew these seconds would be their last bit of life, and then BOOM!, they're dead. Doesn't that just hurt you? Doesn't that just make you say "This is unbelievable?"
Don't forget the people on Flight 91 that crashed into the Pentagon and Pennyslvania, who tried to defeat the hijackers and save themselves. Or the firefighters and soldiers who gave their lives to save us. And the people who died from the smoke covering them or from inhaling the smoke from the towers.
How could terrorists be so sick and enjoy killing people? They actually laughed at of all the deaths, laughed their heads off. At DEATH. Osama Bin Laden is a disgusting, sick man. He is the Devil. And as for our former President Bush, I thank him. Some people say "I hate Bush". But I don't. He protected us for eight years, and showed those terrorists they wouldn't get away with hurting America. Our troops fought because they WANTED to, not because Bush FORCED them to.
And for those of you who know who Rudy Guiliani, he was a great mayor and supported us during this horrible tragedy. I thank him as well. Thank you to the firefighters and policemen who gave their lives. They did not deserve to die like that.
Please, take a moment of silence and honor the fallen of that tragic day. Pray and thank them, and realize the effect it had on all of us Americans.
God Bless America,

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