Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Heart of Candracar: All Its Powers!

Here's a little info about the Heart of Kandrakar (From Wikipedia!!):The Heart of Kandrakar is the mystical Heart of the planet Kandrakar, the realm at the center of the universe that is home to the Oracle, whose job it is to look over the universe and protect it from evil, such as when the Council of Kandrakar raised the Veil to protect other dimensions from the threat of Prince Phobos.


Through the Guardians, the following powers have been shown:

  • Wield Absolute Energy.
  • Possess the power of Quintessence (control of Life Energy)
  • Glamouring.
  • Teletransporting.
  • Sensing magical phenomena.
  • Empathy towards animals.
  • Empathy towards inanimate objects.
  • Invisibilty.
  • Hydrokinesis (control over Water).
  • Change physical appearance of things.
  • Influence minds.
  • Hydromancy.
  • Pyrokinesis (control over Fire).
  • Thermokinesis (control over Heat).
  • Telepathy.
  • Geokinesis (control over Earth).
  • Chlorokinesis (control over Plants).
  • Telekinesis.
  • Create soundproof rooms
  • Aerokinesis (control over Air).
  • Able to recall memories of others.
  • Flight.
  • Enhanced hearing.

The Heart has also shown the following abilities...

  • Open (after an encounter with the Seal of Phobos which was absorbed into the Heart) and close Portals in the Veil.
  • Open folds.
  • Create Astral Drops.
  • Create multiple copies of the holder.
  • Show a creature's true form.
  • Shield holder from dark forces.

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