Saturday, February 14, 2009

W.I.T.C.H. United is gone-FOREVER! *cries*

Yes. the news is true! W-U is gone forever according to somebadguy711. He finally replied and this is what he said:


Well to tell the truth I have bad news.
Many already sent me emails asking what happened to the site and when it'll be back, yet I haven't replied. But I guess this ends now.

So here's a short answer: The site isn't coming back.
Extended answer:
It's not coming back due to the few reasons listed below.
1. After the domain expired (, I lost access to the server. (our service provider seems to have a rather stupid system binding the ftp and cpanel to the base domain, even if the domain is hosted by a different provider).
2. I could retain access to the server by purchasing a new domain and contacting support, yet due to my recent lack of time since I started work on a new web-project, I'm incapable of keeping up with 2 web-sites at the same time, and ain't willing to spend money on side-projects (including those I no longer have motivation to work on).

Regardless of what I mentioned above, I'm still happy I could gain some community management experience, and thank every single W-U member for their cooperation and support. We had our fun, happy, joyful and hard times together, and I'm grateful for every single one of them.

I hereby to declare the W.I.T.C.H. - United project Closed.

From Me, DCQ:I'M GONNA CRY!!!! :(


Vorserkeien said...

It's only gone forever if we let it - I've got a free forum established at set up in roughly the same manner as the original. Just waiting for members to come creeping back slowly :)
Tell friends to tell friends & fingers crossed we can make it half as good as the original!


*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

I agree! ^ ^

xXOrubeXx said...

....That is really sad....
I'm definitely joining ur forum Vorserkeien..

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

Yay! ^ ^

Anitrain said...

Thanks for posting somebadguy711's message. I contacted him myself months ago and ever got a reply.

And I also wanted to mention that the forum is an option for fans to talk. :)

Jumpyham said...

Oh, I totally would have gone to the site if I would have known about it sooner!! ^^u

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

Thx 4 caring so much guys.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,it's Hai Lin here.

I'm really sorry about the forum :(

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

Hi and thx 4 commenting! Join the new W-U, plz! We miss u!

Hay-lin fan said...

Hey guys! its the original Hay-lin fan from the lost W-U. Waaahhhaaaa!!!! I want the site back NOW!Maybe, we can make a small fund-raiser to sponsor the site????
If that's at all possible with out sacrificing personal information...
This sucks! pardon my language.


bye... me want my space back :(

willvandomrocks said...

Coupla words for all of you fans- *lip quiver*. also, it will come back, if you believe, and make it happen. I only saw W.I.T.C.H. United once, but I can tell it's a good site. Let's all pitch in on Hay-lin fan's idea- a small fundraiser.

*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

@Hay-lin fan: maybe we could, but SBG711 said the site really is gone and there's no way to retrieve it. I just want a new one, then.
@willvandomrocks: I agree with you too.